Boston ‘verse

The Boston ‘Verse is a series of free short stories on Archive Of Our Own, centered around a new Harvard student and his developing BDSM relationship with a Boston local. I started the series many years ago, before I became a published author - in fact, it’s the only remaining online work from my pre-publishing days.

Although the Boston ‘Verse began as unapologetically self-indulgent id-fic that I wrote as a distraction while struggling with other projects, it quickly became a reader favorite, which inspired me to continue. If you're new to the series, you can expect plenty of hot, kinky sex scenes featuring safe, sane, and consensual BDSM, particularly highlighting the importance of mutual trust and open communication. These stories are much lighter on both plot and angst than my books, with most of the emphasis placed on erotica and relationship development.

The Boston ‘Verse installments are hosted on AO3, and should be read in chronological order, as listed below. Please carefully read the tags included in each story’s header for all content labels and warnings.


An anonymous club hookup could be the start of a beautiful friendship – or at least a whole lot of orgasms.

Riley didn't mean to contact Andres again. Really. He didn't.

What's better than negotiating BDSM over tapas? The kinky sex that follows.

Riley tries to catch Andres off-guard. It doesn't go the way he expected, but he's not complaining.

Riley meets Andres' BDSM group, and Andres gives him a hell of a goodbye at the end of the night.

Andres takes Riley in hand.

Riley runs into Andres while he's on duty.

Two Doms, one sub - for Riley, that's a recipe for bliss.

When Andres experiences Dom drop after their intense scene, Riley discovers a whole new side of him.

With each day that passes, Riley finds himself falling harder for Andres.

When Riley goes home for Thanksgiving break, he and Andres stay connected despite the distance.

After Riley's sexy encounter with his ex-boyfriend, he and Andres have a conversation that's been a long time coming.

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